Yolanda Cruz

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Yolanda Cruz is a Chatino documentary filmmaker whose award-winning pieces capture the stories of indigenous Oaxacans living in the United States and Mexico. Her latest film, 2501 Migrants: A Journey, is a documentary about an artist, Alejandro Santiago, who creates 2501 clay sculptures to represent each of the migrants who left the farming community of San Pedro Teococuilco – a town within the state of Oaxaca, Mexico that Santiago was born in, and a town to which he returns to. Through the story of Alejandro Santiago, both Cruz and the artist engage the audience on the topic of migration out of communities within Mexico and on the issues facing the lives of those that remain.

Below is a trailer from Cruz’s film 2501 Migrants: A Journey. To learn more about the project check out  and the artist’s webpage and the film’s webpage.

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Yolanda is an inspiring, resourceful, creative and talented filmmaker. I’ve been fortunate to watch her bloom. I’m glad Yolanda and the Kitchens hooked up! Warm wishes

Maureen Gosling


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