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The Hidden World of Girls: Stories for Orchestra premieres this weekend at the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music.

Multimedia technology and art studio Obscura Digital will collaborate with a visualization set to the score of the music. The studio creates moving media experiences throughout the world including the first immersive surround symphony experience at Carnegie Hall and the largest interactive painting projections performed to the score of the YouTube Symphony, under the direction of conductor Michael Tilson Thomas at the Sydney Opera House.

Obscura is a global leader in the entertainment experience when it comes to large architectural projection spectacles, interactive education, situational retail immersion, and the re-direction of public interfaces in museums and institutions across multiple platforms. “The studio at Obscura is full of passionate musicians and artists who believe that the most exciting engagement we can possibly be collaborating on is with music and art. It is an honor to be working with such talented women storytellers and being a part of the Cabrillo Music Festival”, remarked Creative Director, Marta Salas-Porras, ”We believe that the work we are doing in orchestral visualization allows for the fullest sensorial experience when it comes to the live symphonic experience.”

Here is a clip from the YouTube Symphony 2011:

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