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August 20th, 2010 in Archive by 6 Comments

We recently received this message from Lisa Gill who wanted to let us know about the work of Tasha Jones:

I enjoyed yesterday’s story very much. It inspired me to tell you about an incredible woman in Indianapolis. Her name is Tasha Jones. She is a poet, artist, educator and founder of the Hello Beautiful movement. Hello Beautiful started in Ms. Jones’ public school classroom where she was the 14th teacher the class had in ONE school year. All of their other teachers gave up on them, but not Tasha Jones. On the first day, Tasha Jones heard the students having a discussion about who was the blackest. This startled her so much that she had them write down all the bad things they had heard about themselves on one side of a paper. On the other side, she had them write the good things. Then Ms. Jones had the students write what they wanted to become. From that day forward the students greeted each other with “Hello Beautiful” and addressed each other as though they were already what they wanted to become. “Hello Beautiful, how is attorney Darnell Jackson today?” “What was your question Dr. Shanequa Smith?” This simple act of language changed the dynamic of the entire classroom and EVERY student passed to the next grade.

Take a look at Tasha’s website: iamtashajones.com.

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beautiful, beautiful, beautiful….!



the power of words! this short entry inspired me to search out more on Tasha Jones! Evryone needs a Tasha Jones in their lives! Everyone!

ms. m


Miss Jones truly practices that which she teaches. There is such an amazing love in her heart. Through her thought provoking words she is able to give a voice to those who have none. She continues to inspire all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, or the shade of their skin. Surely, this world is a better place because of such talent as Tasha Jones :)



I saw Tasha Jones perform live for the first time at the Atlanta natural hair show. She was/is AWESOME!! So much positivity and reality wrapped up into one woman. I am defintely a fan!



She gives no less than a 100percent all the time. She is truly beautiful inside and out. Simply phenomenal.



Tasha is a great artist and a great woman!

Charlotte Fox


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