28 Days in Hong Kong

September 1st, 2010 in Archive by 2 Comments

By Patty Fung

I’ll be turning 23 this year and in my lifetime so far I’ve been lucky to have traveled, studied, and made memories around different parts of my community and the world. But my latest journey to Hong Kong was the first time I’ve ever visited Asia and specifically the country where my parents emmigrated from in the 1970s.

Between the hot and rainy months of June and July, four college friends and I embarked on a one-month trip to Hong Kong after finishing our undergraduate studies. For some of us, including myself, it was our first time visiting the country where our parents and those before them had once called home. A country in which I grew up imagining through the nostalgic stories told by my mom, dad, aunties, and grandparents, such as 10-cent movies, street food downstairs, cramped flats, or pouring water onto the floor and laying on it to cool down because there was no air conditioning. These were my recreated impressions – images similar to the black and white photos that fill yellowed-out albums in my grandparents’ home in San Francisco.

As a first-generation ABC (American Born Chinese) visiting Hong Kong in 2010 it felt as if I was walking around San Francisco’s Chinatown except bigger, faster, and more developed – a true metropolis. Urban centers, such as Hong Kong Island’s Central District, Wan Chai, and Causeway Bay filled the landscape with tall columns of housing flats, businesses, and shopping centers. But with a Lonely-Planet guide book in hand, basic comprehension of Cantonese, and resourceful locals we befriended along the way we found ways to escape the rush of city centers and to make the most of our month long stay on a fresh out of college budget.

Now that I’ve returned to California and to my internship program here at Kitchen Central on the edge of San Francisco’s Chinatown and Little Italy, I’ve had the opportunity to share my stories and photos with friends and family and it is just a small excerpt out of many of the other diary entries submitted to NPR’s Dear Diary Collection and the Hidden World of Girls Photostream.

Below is a glimpse into our twenty-eight day long adventure through the different regions of Hong Kong. You can click on the small diary box images to read the full three-page entry from Wednesday, 30 June 2010, Day 6 of my travel notebook.

Our boat guide in the coastal town of Sai Kung.

A woman cooking up a “China” pizza for me as we stopped for lunch in the fishing village of Tai O.

Street food vendor in the busy, warm nights of Mong Kok.

Shopping on Fai Yuen Gai. One of the two outdoor shopping markets in Mong Kok.

Arriving and departing on a rainy note. Summer months are known for the typhoons.

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Patty – What a journey! Beautiful photos — and I love the film/photo combo and seeing HK through your eyes. Great work. Thanks for posting.

Nikki Silva


That was lovely. You showed us a nice cross-section of what life in Hong Kong is like. The music evolution was fantastic. Could you let me know the song titles? The song in the beginning is so familiar. How did you get the rights to play it in your video?



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