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White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s, by Joe Boyd

Hidden Kitchens: Stories, Recipes and More from NPR’s
The Kitchen Sisters (now in paperback)

Hidden Kitchens, the du-Pont/Columbia Award-winning radio series on NPR's Morning Edition, is the inspiration for this James Beard nominated book by The Kitchen Sisters. Hidden Kitchens explores the world of street corner cooking, legendary meals, kitchen rituals and visionaries — how communities come together through food. A New York Times Notable Book 2006
  HARDBACK also available

Hidden Kitchens 3 CD Audiobook

Academy Award-winning actress Frances McDormand narrates the Hidden Kitchens Audiobook with The Kitchen Sisters and
Jay Allison. A triple cd collection of sound-rich stories based on
the NPR Morning Edition series. Full of interviews, music, and archival audio — with a deep sound of place.

Kitchen Sisters Story Posters
From Lost & Found Sound, The Sonic Memorial Project & Hidden Kitchens
14 x 19 inject prints - Limited edition

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Cigar Stories


Quest for Sound


Deep Fried Fuel

Mohawk Ironworkers
at The World Trade Towers

Liberace & The Trinidad
Tripoli Steelband

Radio Row

WHER: 1000 Beautiful Watts


Milk Cow Blues


Apple Family Farm

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Hidden Kitchens TexasAn hour-long radio Special narrated by Willie Nelson, chronicles the Texas experience through food and the stories of people who find it, grow it, cook it, sell it, celebrate with it, and write about it.

Willie Nelson, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Dallas-born actress,
Robin Wright Penn, along with some of the most wild and extraordinary tellers take us across Texas and share their own hidden kitchen stories in an hour of radio stories that comes alive with a deep sense of time and place. Produced by The Kitchen Sisters

Cry Me A River
A two-part radio documentary portrait of three pioneering river activists – Mark DuBois, Ken Sleight and Katie Lee, and the daming of wild rivers in the west. Cry Me A River explores some of the dramatic efforts to save wild rivers, the rise of the environmental movement, and the power of individuals to make a difference. The Kitchen Sisters visit the West we have lost through the stories of three river guides who try — and fail — to stop the damming of their rivers.

Produced by Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva in collaboration with Martha Ham
for Stories From The Heart of The Land- a new series for the Nature Conservancy that attempts to capture the human connection to land and landscape.


The Kitchen Sisters Greatest Hits Vol 1

Waiting for Joe DiMaggio
A newspaper headline “Sicilian village waits in vein for Jolt’n Joe” lures
The Kitchen Sisters to Italy and this eccentric saga from Joe DiMaggio’s hometown. (1995)

The Nights of Edith Piaf
Nearly every song Edith Piaf sang, and she recorded over 400 of them,
was a moment taken from her life in Paris. Charles Aznavour, Francis Lai, Georges Moustaki, Henri Contet -- some of France's greatest musicians
and composers recall their nights with the "The Little Sparrow." (1994)


WHER: The First "All-Girl" Radio Station in The World. Billed as "a thousand beautiful watts" WHER went on the air in Memphis Tennessee October 29, 1955. Created by legendary music producer, Sam Phillips, WHER brought women's voices to the airwaves as never before and continued broadcasting for 17 years through the escalation of the Civil Rights and Women's Rights Movements – some of the most turbulent times in our history. -- Produced for Lost & Found Sound in 1999


Lost & Found Sound - Hosted by NPR’s Noah Adams
2 cd set

In January 1999, NPR's All Things Considered aired the first in a series
of richly layered stories that traced the soundtrack of the 20th century.
Produced by The Kitchen Sisters and Jay Allison, Lost and Found Sound celebrates the human experience in rare recordings and sonic snapshots.

Tony Schwartz: 30,000 Recording Later / Quest for Sounds: Gettysburg Eyewitness / Cigar Stories, narrated by Andy Garcia / Carnival Talkers /
LBJ and the Helium-Filled Astronaut / Listening to the Northern Lights / West Virginia Steam Trains / Sound Restoration / Tennessee Williams:
The Pennyland Recordings / The Partridge Family Grand Tour

Lost & Found Sound and Beyond - Hosted by Francis Coppola
2 cd set

Lost & Found and Beyond is the second anthology of greatest hits from
the Peabody Award winning Lost & Found Sound radio series. A collection
of eccentric, endangered and undiscovered sounds and oral traditions, this special two-hour recording provides a glimpse of the aural legacy of our country.

Sam Phillips & the Memphis Recording Service / Coppola Family Recording
& Coppola's First Soundtrack / Walking High Steel: Mohawk Ironworkers at the WTC/ Liberace & the Trinidad Tripoli Steelband / Portrait of an Artist as an Answering Machine / Voices from the Dust Bowl / Lovers of Lost Fans /
CKLW Radio / Electronic Memorie / Harry S. Truman, The Center of the World / French Manicure: Tales from the Vietnamese Nail Shops in America

The Sonic Memorial Project
2 cd set

Shortly after September 11, 2001, The Kitchen Sisters and Jay Allison/ Lost & Found Sound and NPR brought together radio producers, artists, historians, archivists, and the public broadcasting community to collect and preserve audio traces of the World Trade Center, its neighborhood and the events of 9/11. Lost & Found Sound and NPR set up the Sonic Memorial phone line to record stories and collect audio contributions. These recordings, along with interviews gathered by radio producers across the country, are presented in this Peabody Award winning collection of stories broadcast on NPR during the year following the attack.

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