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The Making Of…

The Kitchen Sisters and KQED-FM present The Making Of... what people make in the Bay Area and why.

The making of the Bay Bridge. The making of a jar of jam. The making of the iPhone, an opera, a surfboard… The Making Of  is a community documentary project that captures the art, creativity and innovation going on in backyards, workplaces, cultural institutions and public spaces throughout one of the most diverse and innovative regions in the country.

What are you making? How about your grandmother, your next door neighbor, the guy you sit next to at work? Call our Story Line at 415.553.3362 and tell us your story. Or send us a video, a photograph, a note or a tweet.

Produced by The Kitchen Sisters, KQED and AIR’s Localore Project. Supported by Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 

The Making Of…Call for Stories. An invitation to listeners to call in with their stories of what’s being made in the Bay Area and why. Hear a sampling of messages and excerpts from from stories about Muttville, the Cinema Snowglobe, the Homobile and more.

The Making of… The Homobile: A Story of Transportation, Civil Rights and Glitter.  Homobile is a noncommercial, 24/7, queer car service created by Lynnee Breedlove for the LGBT community and others around San Francisco who need safe, dependable rides. The volunteer collective operates with a suggested donation $1 a minute. People text their address with cross street and name to 415-574-5023.

The Making of … the Cinema Snow Globe. JD Beltran and Scott Minneman talk about their incredible invention.

The Making Of… One Cubic Foot under the Golden Gate Bridge. How much life can you find in one cubic foot? That’s a hunk of ecosystem small enough to fit in your lap. Photographer David Liittschwager peers in the waters under the Golden Gate Bridge as part of his One Cubic Foot project.

The Making of… the Underneath of the Golden Gate Bridge. As part of the International Orange Exhibit celebrating the 75th Anniversary of The Golden Gate Bridge, artist Bill Fontana created a live sound and video installation underneath the bridge

The Making of… A Violin. Remo del Tredici began making violins in his 70s. Inspired by his neighbor, a volunteer for AmVets, and the memory of his brother who was killed during WWII, he began giving away his violins to vets.

The Making Of…Perfume. Oakland-based Juniper Ridge makes perfume, soap, and sachets from wild plants collected from mountains and deserts in the west. They also have a traveling field lab where they can distill perfume on-site using an old whiskey still.

The Making of… Arrangements. Artist Sherry Olsen told us this beautiful story about making arrangements for her father’s death.

The Making of…KimchiSunhui Chang is the owner of FuseBOX, a tiny jewel of a restaurant in an unlikely industrial neighborhood in West Oakland. Sunhui’s passion is for making kimchi.

The Making of…Muttville. Muttville is a senior dog rescue in San Francisco founded by Sherri Franklin.

The Making of…A Jar of Jam. Persis Karim from Berkeley called The Making Of… story line to tell us about how her mother inspired her to make jam from her backyard plum tree. Here is her story.

The Making of…Instruments. “Cardboard boxes, coffee cans, plastic water bottles…anything I find on the street, I turn into an instrument.” –Marilyn McNeal, musician and instrument maker.

Notch: It’s All About the Stance and the Style. “My name is Ignacio Gonzales. People call me Notch. I build hot rods and I’ve got a thing for tiki bars. I build tiki bars on the side. I’m always moving around. I’m always twitching.”

The Making of…The Fairing. We go South of Market in San Francisco where industrial designer, Scott Summitt, is blurring the line between medical devices and sculpture. He calls what he is making the Fairing.

The Making of…The Digital El Camino Real. Traverse the 600-mile trail that connects California’s 21 missions. Peer behind an ornate mission altarpiece that, for more than two centuries, has hidden murals painted by the Ohlone Indians. Uncover the mysteries of Mission Dolores’ ancient cemetery. CyArk, a non-profit digital scanning company based in Oakland, is creating the digital El Camino Real, documenting some of the oldest buildings and historic sites in California using new 3D technology.

The Making of a Hat, produced by Lauren Benichou
Paul’s Hat Works is a 100-year-old hat shop in San Francisco’s Richmond District run by four women, where every hat is a story waiting to be told. Produced by Lauren Benichou for The Making Of…

The Making of the Karaoke Ice Cream Truck
We visit San Jose and meet Ryan and Christine Sebastian founders of Treatbot: the karaoke ice cream truck.

The Making of Song Reader
Beck’s latest album, Song Reader, echoes a time when popular songs were played at home, around the parlor piano. Existing only as loose-leaf sheet music, Song Reader is an album for listeners to play for themselves. We take a look at various ways people are making music with Song Reader.

The Making of TechShop
Laser cutters, 3D printers, sewing machines, injection molders, welders, notchers, planers, lathes, hand tools, computers. Enter TechShop, San Francisco—three vast floors of every kind of maker’s tool imaginable.

The Unmaking of a Typewriter
Jeremy Mayer is a sculptor who disassembles typewriters and reassembles them into full-scale, anatomically correct human figures. He does not solder, weld or glue and only uses parts that come from typewriters. He lives and works in west Oakland.