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Hidden Kitchens Texas

By The Kitchen Sisters

Foreword by Willie Nelson

This itty bitty book is packed with stories of Texas food, farm and family— stories of ice houses, chili queens, cowboy kitchens, NASA space kitchens, the first barbeque pit on the moon and more.

Singer Jimmie Dale Gilmore's reminiscences of Texas barbeque hero, Stubb; Kinky Friedman’s kitchen wisdom; Joe Ely's black eyed peas; Willie Nelson's recipe for fried eggs; Annie Nelson's Pork 'n Greens; Sharon Ely's Holy Posole, Robin Wright Penn's Sweet Potato Crunch; Astronaut Bill McArthur's Jalapeno Space Kolache.

Hidden Kitchens: Stories, Recipes & More
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  Hidden Kitchens Book

Hidden Kitchens, the popular and highly acclaimed radio series on NPR's Morning Edition, is the inspiration for a new book by the Peabody Award-winning producers, the Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva. Hidden Kitchens explores the world of street corner cooking, legendary meals, kitchen rituals, and visionaries - how communities come together through food.

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  Hidden Kitchens 3 CD Audiobook

Academy Award-winning actress Frances McDormand narrates the Hidden Kitchens Audiobook with The Kitchen Sisters and Jay Allison.
A triple cd collection of sound rich stories, based on the NPR Morning Edition series, full of interviews, music, and archival audio –with a deep sound of place. 

Hear George Foreman remember the hard road of hunger that led him to boxing, the haunting saga of Chili Queens of San Antonio, the crash of the California coastline as forager, Angelo Garro wades in search of wild eels, the gospel music pouring out of the secret civil rights kitchen of Georgia Gilmore, the strains of Ravel’s Bolero as it serenades dairy cows in the “milking parlor” of a family farm in Indiana.

“Hidden Kitchens: Stories and More” travels the nation in search of the soul of America through its food, including many of the intriguing, funny, passionate and poignant messages told by hundreds of public radio listeners who called the NPR Hidden Kitchen Hotline and now featured on this beautifully crafted, richly layered audio edition. Afterword by Alice Waters.

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  Lost & Found Sound and Beyond 2 cd set

Lost & Found Sound And Beyond
2005 Audie Award Winner
Hosted by Francis Ford Coppola

Lost & Found and Beyond is the second anthology of greatest hits from the Peabody Award winning Lost & Found Sound radio series, heard over the last five years on NPR's All Things Considered. A collection ofeccentric, endangered and undiscovered sounds and oral traditions, this special two-hour recording provides a glimpse of the aural legacy of our country.

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  Lost & Found Sound 2cd set
Lost & Found Sound Volume One
Hosted by NPR’s Noah Adams.

In January 1999, NPR's All Things Considered aired the first in a series of richly layered stories that traced the soundtrack of the 20th century. Broadcast weekly through 1999 and continuing monthly through 2000, Lost and Found Sound chronicles, reflects upon, and celebrates the human experience in rare recordings and sonic snapshots. Produced by the Kitchen Sisters, Jay Allison and NPR.

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The Sonic Memorial Project 2 cd set
The Sonic Memorial Project

Shortly after September 11, 2001, The Kitchen Sisters / Lost & Found Sound and NPR brought together radio producers, artists, historians, archivists, and the public broadcasting community to collect and preserve audio traces of the World Trade Center, its neighborhood and the events of 9/11. Lost & Found Sound and NPR set up the Sonic Memorial phone line to record your stories and collect audio contributions. These recordings, along with interviews gathered by radio producers across the country, are presented in this collection of stories broadcast on NPR during the year following the attack.
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Sonic Memorial Soundwalk Walking Tour

The Ground Zero Sonic Memorial Soundwalk, a richly layered 60-minute audio walking tour, narrated by writer Paul Auster, commemorates the life and history of the World Trade Center and the surrounding neighborhood. From a stunning array of phone messages and interviews to live music recordings and historic audio, The Kitchen Sisters and Soundwalk have crafted a transporting audio tapestry of Ground Zero to be experienced on location with headphones. As The Ground Zero Sonic Memorial Soundwalk unfolds, the spirit and history of the area come to life through a wealth of neighborhood recordings made over the past 80 years and a selection of intimate stories from a range of vantage points.

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