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The New York Times  
October 11, 2001
Preserving the Voices of the Twin Towers
By Todd Lappin (NYT)

As they watched news accounts of the World Trade Center disaster, a detail caught the attention of Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, two independent radio producers in California. ...

The New York Times
April 7, 2002
The Sound of the Fury
By Jill Eisenstadt

The twin towers came down silently. Or so it appeared on television. Of course, for those who were there, how it sounded mattered most…

The Los Angeles Times
November 26, 2001
Voices That Carry Beyond the Towers; 'Sonic Memorial' will preserve the Trade Centers' aural images.
By Lynell George

What stays in the imaginations of the two veteran sound producers is not the sight of jets cleaving the towers in two, not the cloud of smoke that rushed the streets, but the ephemera of daily life — memos, notes, mail, swirling like a snowstorm…>pdf

Santa Cruz Sentinel
October 21, 2001
Echoes of Sept. 11
Radio producers preserve sounds, voices of World Trade Center

By Cathy Redfern

Nikki Silva doesn't take sound for granted. She knows that capturing scraps of sound can mean saving fleeting moments, raw emotion, life. … > pdf

The Guardian    
September 13, 2002
Radio review: The sound and the fury
By Elisabeth Mahoney

We saw, but we didn't hear. Those images, those immediately iconic outrageous images of the towers falling in grim silence brought anguish and fury but little sound to millions. … >pdf

New Ground Zero Sonic Memorial Soundwalk Commemorates 9/11, history of World Trade Center & surrounding Lower Manhattan neighborhood
July 2004 (download as .doc)

Wired News    
September 4, 2002
A Sound WTC Remembrance
By Kendra Mayfield

Wedding cassettes from the top of the World Trade Center, tourists' video e-mails from the 110th floor, sounds of wind blowing through the elevator shafts, piano music at Windows of the World…. >pdf

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