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Recent Review from PRX
'Portrait of an Artist as an Answering Machine'
"Hearing this piece is like being an audio voyeur. The cast of L.A. characters we hear
are Taylor's friends. It's funny *and insightful. I wondered how Taylor decided if a message was to be saved - or erased!"

Journal for MultiMedia History Volume 3, 2000
Lost & Found Sound: Oral History, Audio Artifacts, and a National Collaboration
— or, Never Throw Anything Away

On October 13, 2000 Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, better known as "The Kitchen Sisters," delivered the keynote address at the annual meeting of the Oral History Association in Durham, North Carolina. …… >pdf

The New York Times Arts & Ideas  10/30/99
Spinning a Little History In a Studio Painted Pink

In October 1955 Memphis woke up to a radical new sound: not the twangy rhythm-and-blues of an awkward young singer named Elvis Presley, who was already on his way to stardom, but the dulcet voices of WHER, the nation's first "all girl" radio station. >pdf

San Francisco Chronicle   8/09/99
NPR Anthology Explores Soundtrack of 20th Century
Quirky tapes trace aural histories in yearlong show
By Neva Chonin, Chronicle Staff Writer "I am the Edison phonograph, created by the greatest inventor of the New World. … I can sing you tender songs of love. … I give pleasure to all, young and old. … My voice is the clearest, smoothest and most natural of any talking machine.'' … … >pdf

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