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  October 9-11: The Kitchen Sisters Favorite Things Session
Third Coast International Audio Festival Conference
Hotel Orington in Evanston, Il.
The Kitchen Sisters close the conference with the annual Favorite Things session
Davia & Nikki setting up our story posters for their presentation at Third Coast
Practice session for the Third Coast International Audio Festival Closing Sing-a-Long.
Our Project Manager, Nathan Dalton (on guitar lft) joins the group.
(photos -



Saturday, October 4, 2008
Naked Truth: The Katie Lee Exhibit

Opening Reception : 3:00-4:30 PCline Library Special Collections & Archives
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

Katie Lee is the grande dame of Western singers and environmentalists. She is an author, musicologist, folk singer, storyteller, actress, songwriter, filmmaker, photographer, activist, poet, and river runner. Katie Lee is one of a handful of men and women who knew the 170 miles of Glen Canyon very well. She made sixteen trips down the river, even named some of the side canyons. Glen Canyon and the river than ran through it has changed her life, so it is not surprising that she has never gotten over her horror and disbelief at the destruction of this exquisite Eden drowned under 500 feet of Colorado River water behind Glen Canyon Dam.

“My trips through Glen Canyon and the river that ran through it changed my life—gave me an understanding of myself, my talent and its limitations; taught me about intimacy and the value of observation. Together they resurrected my spirit and melted my heart with their beauty; showed me time was not my enemy, and with their power to entertain, mystify, and nearly kill me, diluted my ego to its proper consistency. For all my wandering the Glen gave me roots as tenacious as the willows along its banks.” - Katie Lee

Katie Lee will speak and perform for the public immediately following the reception
from 5:00pm - 6:00pm in teh Cline Library Assembly Hall.

Cry Me a River by The Kitchen Sisters from Stories from the Heart of the Land
Glen Canyon Institute
Wednesday, November 5, 7 PM
Natalie Chanin - Owner and designer of Alabama Chanin
Design and Craft Lecture Series
California College of the Arts - link
Timken Lecture Hall
San Francisco, CA

Natalie “Alabama” Chanin is the owner and designer. In the year 2000, after 22 years of living and working abroad as a costume designer, she returned home to film the short documentary “Stitch” & to begin her work in Alabama. Natalie, along with our Alabama Artisans, are no longer associated with Project Alabama in any way. Natalie has a degree in Environmental Design from North Carolina State University and works as designer, manufacturer, consultant, stylist, filmmaker, mother, artisan, cook and collector of stories from her home in Florence
  August 2008  
  Labor Day Weekend -- Slow Food Nation
Come to the Table--San Francisco Civic Center & Fort Mason, The Kitchen Sisters will be part of this groundbreaking gathering that celebrates good, slow, clean, fair food.

Dear Friends,
Check out Slow Food Nation, either live in San Francisco this Labor Day weekend or online at
It's a gathering of kitchen visionaries, farmers and cooks--a kind of walking festival of hidden kitchens.
We spent the morning at the Victory Garden that Slow Food Nation planted in front of San Francisco's City Hall and we're struck to think about a city making this symbolic gesture towards sustainability and local agriculture. 
We'll be there at the Green Kitchen and most of the panels and we look forward to running in to you.


The idea of eating locally and within a 100-mile-radius continues to gather momentum,
Magazine took the idea one step further and created the ONE-BLOCK DIET AND FEAST at their headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. Literally, in their own backyard, Sunset is raising chickens for eggs; pressing their own olive oil; fermenting their own wine, beer, and vinegar; and raising bees for honey. We were invited to come see the project and enjoy a meal gleened from their garden, their bees, their chickens, and the vineyards.

Chickens at Sunset Gardens

We joined Peggy Knickerbocker, Author of Olive Oil: From Tree to Table and Hidden Kitchens collaborator, Raymond Hook, from The Cheese Works West, farmer Ryan Casey,co-owner of Blue House Farm in Pescadero, Victory Gardens 2008's creator Amy Franceschini and program director Blair Randall, Sunset editors Margo True and Katie Tamony, Painter Charles Prentiss and others for a wonderful summer dinner, all the ingredients from their garden — Pattypan Squash with Eggs, Tomatoe and Herb Salad with Fresh Chive Cheese and homemadesea salt .... for the menu and recipes click here. Visit Sunset Magazine online to learn more from Team Chicken, Team Wine, Team Honey and more...
(Chickens - Photo courtesy of Sunset Magazine)

Table and Homemade Olive Oil
One Block Diet Feast
Homemade Wine
Katie Tamony & Margo True
Wine Picking Team
Chicken Coop
Vegetable Garden
Sunset's One Block Vegetable Garden /photo courtesy Sunset Magazine

August 26 -- Author and Nutritionist & Food Activist, Marion Nestle
In Conversation with Davia Nelson about her new book, Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine, Commonwealth Club, of San Francisco 6:00 pm

August 23 -- Re:Sound -- from WBEZ in Chicago
The Third Coast Festival Presents The Sandbox Show featuring some of the early inspired stories heard on NPR, including The Kitchen Sisters' second story ever; The Legend of Ernest Morgan: The World Champion One-Handed Pool Player.
  Works in Progress  
  Hidden Kitchens in Progress -- Sweetie Town: The chocolate company towns of England, Dissident Kitchens: Soviet Hidden Kitchens, Salvation 's Kitchen: Salvation Army Shelter Kitchen  
  June 2008  
  Works in Progress  

"Chicken Pills: The Secret Life of Girls Around Jamaica" premiering as part of our new
NPR series, March 2009


Events on our radar:

Live music at the San Francisco Airport, every Friday this summer, curated by San Francisco music impresario Marc Capelle. Line up includes: Zoe Keating, Boca Do Rio, and Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers. Premieres Fri 6/27

Youth Radio Music Production Showcase - 1701 Broadway, Oakland, 7:30 PM Friday 6/27


Radio we're listening to:

WNYC's Radio Rookies, “Growing Up in the System” produced by Shirley "Star" Diaz, "Group Home" by Krystle Monclava, "Legal Emancipation" by Jordan Teklay

Michael Tilson Thomas' interview with James Brown from the MTT Files

Hearing Voices "No Place Like Home" with host Scott Carrier


Books we're reading:

Willie Nelson: An Epic Life by Joe Nick Patoski

Mr. Fooster Travelling on a Whim by Tom Corwin (Author) & Craig Frazier (Illustrator)

Guerilla Gardening by Richard Reynolds

Collateral Damage: America's War Against Iraqi Civilians by Chris Hedges & Laila Al-Arian

Joe Boyd's article on the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music in the Guardian UK, Sat 6/28


Music on our turntable:

Cindy Cashdollar - "Slide Show"

Nass el Ghiwane - Ancient/modern Guembri/banjo music and more, from Morocco

Mohammed Abdou - The Sinatra of Saudi Arabia (well, sort of)

Tartit - Nomadic Tuareg women from Mali

Small Faces - Itchycoo Park


Awards we're polishing:

The NEH has chosen our Lost & Found Sound website as one of the top humanities sites for educators in the country. Hope you teachers can use it.

New York Festivals Gold Award for Hidden Kitchens Texas, (airs on KUT-Austin on July 4 and on KQED-SF on Wed 7/23 & Sat 7/26) narrated by Willie Nelson & Robin Wright Penn

Niloufer Ichaporia King won a James Beard Award for her book, My Bombay Kitchen (hear our Hidden Kitchens story about her, "Sugar in the Milk")

  Sunday, June 1: Third Coast Festival Listening Room with The Kitchen Sisters
Café du Nord, San Francisco

THIRD COAST FESTIVAL LISTENING ROOM FEATURING SPECIAL GUESTS The Kitchen Sisters and more. Come out for an evening of great stories, beautiful sounds and intense conversations about some of the best radio being produced around the world. TCF directors Johanna Zorn and Julie Shapiro will present work by the KS and talk with them about their incomparable radio work. They'll also share some favorite stories from the Third Coast Festival universe, including this year's audio challenge - Radio Ephemera. Don't miss this evening of 100% pure audio love, amongst fellow listeners, producers and radioheads!

When - Sunday, June 1 / doors at 7, listening at 8 pm
Where - Cafe Du Nord / 2170 Market St. / San Francisco
TIX - $12, available online click here
  Saturday, June 7:  “What is it about Men & Meat & Midnight & a Pit?”
Big Apple BBQ Block Party in New York- A benefit for Madison Square Park.
The Kitchen Sisters appear in the tent from 2-3 PM. 
  Thursday, June 19: New York Festivals Broadcast Radio Awards. Tribeca Rooftop, Manhattan. Hidden Kitchens Texas is nominated for an award in the Culture & Arts category.  
  Thursday, June 26 : Hidden Kitchens Story #31 - Garden Allotments: A London Kitchen Vision airs on NPR's Morning Edition and is available online and as a podcast at  
  May 2008  
  Thursday, May 29: Hidden Kitchens Story #30 on NPR's Morning Edition.
The Sheepherders Ball: Hidden Basque Kitchens
HIdden Kitchens explores the world of Basque Sheepherders in the American West and their outdoor, below-the-radar, Dutch OVen cooking traditions.
  Gathering Sound & Telling Stories in London  
  BBC Canteen - Thursday, May 1, 2008
"Two Americans who are scouring the world for so-called "hidden kitchens" come to the BBC World Service HQ to see our BBC canteen. Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson from America National Public Radio tell us why they think food is a uniting force. Listen online > more info>
  Hattie Ellis from the Guardian interviews The Kitchen Sisters - Wednesday April 30, 2008 > read
  Cookbook author, Fuschia Dunlop stops by with her new book, Shark Fins and Sichuan Pepper:A Sweet-Sour Memoir of Eating in China, and tells us about the Hidden Kitchens of London, Jellied Eels and her London kitchen. » more  
  JAMES BEARD 2008   We are happy to announce that Hidden Kitchens Texas, our One Hour Special with host Willie Nelson, produced in collaboration with KUT 90.5 Austin, has been nominated for a national James Beard Award for broadcast journalism excellence in the coverage of food. Deemed “the Oscars of the food world,” by Time magazine, The James Beard Foundation Awards are the country’s most coveted honor for chefs; food and beverage professionals; broadcast media, journalists, and authors working on food; and restaurant architects and designers.
The winners will be announced at a gala event during the weekend of June 6-8 at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC.

ON THE ROAD: The Kitchen Sisters will be on the road conducting a Radio Workshop in Dublin, Ireland, Hosted by the Association of Irish Independent Radio Producers and in London
Hosted by Alan Hall and Falling Tree Productions. To see the full schedule of our Spring Calendar of Events and Appearances click here.

  Broncos and Boudin: A Prison Kitchen Story #29 - Thursday, April 17, on NPR's Morning Edition
    Hidden Kitchens Story #28

Sugar in the Milk: A Parsi Kitchen Story
Niloufer Ichaporia King is known for her ritual celebrations of Parsi New Year on the first day of spring, when she creates an elaborate ceremonial meal based on the auspicious foods and traditions of her vanishing culture.

More stories, recipes and photos can be found here.
  Hidden Kitchens Story #27
Hercules and Hemings: African American Cooks in the President's Kitchen
Hercules, a slave of George Washington, and James Hemings, owned by Thomas Jefferson, began a long connection of presidents and their African-American cooks.

More photos, recipes and stories from the slave gardens of Monticello, W.E.B. DuBois' writings on African-American caterers in Philadelphia, black chefs in the White House, and President Eisenhower's passion for cooking.
  Hidden Kitchens Story #26

Kibbe at the Crossroads:
Lebanese Cooking in the Mississippi Delta

Tune in to your local public radio station or listen online.
More photos and recipes from the Syrian Lebanese. American community click here.


BBC 4 Features the work of The Kitchen Sisters
on Acoustic Attic (Radio 4 FM)
    Remembering Edna Lewis
Interview by Davia Nelson / The Kitchen Sisters
  weenie royale   Hidden Kitchens Story #25
Weenie Royale: Food and the Japanese Internment

To hear the piece, listen to oral history clips, see some wonderful photographs, art and recipes click here.

Even more art from the camps, painting by Roger Shimomura and archival photos can be found here on our site as well as letters from listeners.
    BBC RADIO 4 producer, Judith Kampfner, features a sampling of recordings from our archives, including Lost & Found Sound, The Sonic Memorial Project and more.
Listen to the
Acoustic Attic >

"Their amazing collection, consisting of tapes and stories from ordinary people, features extraordinary eyewitness accounts of historical events and famous people as well as enchanting obsolete sounds, including Thomas Edison cracking jokes, Tennessee Williams making a recording in a penny arcade and a report on Abraham Lincoln."
— BBC4 online
  Letters from BBC 4 listeners
  We received some wonderful letters from listeners since the BBC Archive hour was broadcast.
It is always a pleasure to hear from you - thanks for writing.


I have just been re-introduced to your work by the recent BBC Archive hour programme. Astonishing, moving and vital are words that come to mind.

Thanks for reminding me why I have finally got around to do the Broadcast degree Ive waited 20 years to do.So reassured am I , I felt I must at least send you some words of encouragement and thanks. If you ever need a 40 something intern to help out, just say the word. Haha! Very best of luck with it all ladies- you deserve nothing but success.
Colin Robinson
Liverpool John Moores University UK.
Hi - Heard about your 'Lost and Found sound' on BBC Radio 4 last night. How very touching, inspiring, and brilliant this was/is. I wish you all the very best for your presnt and future endeavours, and for a Fabulous Xmas and New Year, all the way from Nottingham, England.
Ash Brookes
  Message: Dear Kitchen Sisters,
the programme about your projects, aired on BBC radio 4 last night, was the most fascinating
I have heard for ages. I can't wait to explore your website and follow your future progress. I lived
in Soquel, Santa Cruz for a while in the mid-70s, but somehow missed your broadcasts then.
Thank you for having such a great idea, and in advance for all the pleasure I know I'm going to
get from listening to your work.
Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Name: Mikey Price

Archive Hour: Acoustic Attic
December 16th, 2007 by steve

I’m putting this up quick because I reckon the five (five already!) Speechification contributors
will be racing to do so. Since the rest of them probably have better things to do with their Saturday nights. I’m first! It’s another Archive Hour (I love the Archive Hour).

This one celebrates found and accidental and informal and amateur recordings collected by
American independent media celebrities the ‘Kitchen Sisters’, Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson, for broadcast on their NPR radio show Lost and Found Sound.

If Russell’s last selection was Speechification crack, then this one must be Speechification cocoa.
It’s full of breathtaking recordings from sources you won’t believe: 9/11 voicemail messages,
a Buster Keaton sing-along, Tennessee Williams mucking around with his friends, a man who actually heard the Gettysburg Address…Moving and joyful stuff. (MP3). And another thing: why don’t they just turn Saturday Live into a British Lost and Found Sound?

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