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  Lost & Found Sound  
“ A century in sound soars through this exceptional radio project.” .George Foster Peabody Awards
Lost & Found Sound, heard on NPR’s All Things Considered, explores American life through recorded sound.  These richly layered tales chronicle people possessed by sound who shaped the sonic landscape of the nation, home recordings and historic broadcasts, unusual archival audio artifacts, endangered sounds, sounds on the verge of extinction, vanishing voices, the merging of languages — how sound shapes history, and history has been shaped by sound. 

Created in 1999 by The Kitchen Sisters with Jay Allison, this Peabody, Clarion & Webby award winning series brought together some of the most respected producers and storytellers in public radio with artists and NPR to create this imaginative series.  "Liberace & the Trinidad Tripoli Steel Band," "French Manicure: Tales from Vietnamese Nail Shops in America, "Cigar Stories”, "WHER: 1000 Beautiful Watts," Tony Schwartz: 30,000 Recordings Later. These and more than 80 other Lost & Found Sound stories can be heard online at

Lost & Found Sound An astounding documentary series.”
--- -- ------ --- -- — The Washington Post

Lost & Found Sound is beyond description.”
— Tom Waits


"A The Kitchen Sisters have done some of the best radio stories ever broadcast. I know people who got into radio because they heard Nikki and Davia s work, and had no idea anybody could do anything like that on the air.
Ira Glass, This American Life

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