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HIDDEN KITCHENS: Stories, Recipes & More
From NPR's The Kitchen Sisters
Foreword by Alice Waters
Now out in Paperback

"The Kitchen Sisters are my favorite storytellers.
Their off-beat kitchen stories make me want to walk through my neighborhood, go on a road trip and eat the food of family. They have heart..."

--------------------------Francis Ford Coppola

Inspired by the popular and highly acclaimed NPR Morning Edition series, Hidden Kitchens: Stories, Recipes and More is a new book by The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva) exploring the world of street corner cooking, kitchen rituals and visionaries, legendary meals and eating traditions -- a wild and poignant chronicle of American life through food. Released by Rodale Books, November 1, 2005.

Over a thousand listeners called the NPR Hidden Kitchens Hotline with Intriguing messages and hot tips about underground kitchens at nuclear test sites, traveling circus kitchens, Burgoo picnics in Kentucky, ramp suppers in North Carolina, hippie kitchens, clambakes, and more.
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“This collection of Hidden Kitchen stories from every corner of the United States is so hopeful and reassuring. The Kitchen Sisters understand that food is more than just food: it is about our connections to one another and to our place in the world.
.........................................— Alice Waters, Founder, Chez Panisse / The Edible Schoolyard

Hidden Kitchens interweaves stories and characters from the radio series with these listener messages and over a hundred photographs and images. Also featured is an eclectic collection of some 30 recipes including George Foreman’s “Grilled Sir Loin”, Czechoslovakian Moon Cookies, Lou the Glue’s Pasta Calamari, Wild Fennel Cakes and Francis Ford Coppola’s community fundraiser recipe “Meatballs for 500.

Take a peek into the book here >The Cab-Yard Kitchen

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