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"A truck in the parking lot outside Emergency at Cornell Medical Center selling the best West Indian food in Manhattan, a secret Romanian restaurant tucked away in the back of a diamond shop in the diamond district in Midtown, whole goats grilling in the outfield at a softball game in Brooklyn’s Redhook Park.  All these hidden kitchens, a half hour from my doorstep.  That’s just my town. Frances McDormand


Academy Award-winning actress Frances McDormand narrates the Hidden Kitchens Audiobook with The Kitchen Sisters and Jay Allison.   A triple cd collection of sound rich stories, based on the NPR Morning Edition series, full of interviews, music, and archival audio –with a deep sound of place. 

Hear George Foreman remember the hard road of hunger that led him to boxing, the haunting saga of Chili Queens of San Antonio, the crash of the California coastline as forager, Angelo Garro wades in search of wild eels, the gospel music pouring out of the secret civil rights kitchen of Georgia Gilmore, the strains of Ravel’s Bolero as it serenades dairy cows in the “milking parlor” of a family farm in Indiana. 

“Hidden Kitchens: Stories and More” travels the nation in search of the soul of America through its food, including many of the intriguing, funny, passionate and poignant messages told by hundreds of public radio listeners who called the NPR Hidden Kitchen Hotline and now featured on this beautifully crafted, richly layered audio edition. Afterword by Alice Waters.

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