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March 17th, 2010 in Archive by 2 Comments

Hi Kitchen Sisters—My name is Patty Fung and I’m writing in response to your request for submissions for your new NPR project on “Girls and the Women they Become.”  As part of my community studies social documentation course at the University of California, Santa Cruz, I produced a short audio documentary on women’s skateboarding with a goal of highlighting not only the barriers that continue to exist today, but the rich narrative of women who have been riding since the rise of the sport as well as the recent growth of female skate communities that empower and encourage girls of all ages and abilities to ride with confidence. What you will listen to here is not only an assignment for a course, but a project for the community of women skateboarders all over the world who have ridden and those that continue to push the limits of skateboarding with passion. Thanks for listening.

We’re looking for stories about groundbreaking girls and trailblazing women. Call the NPR Message Line and tell us yours. 202-408-9576

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This was so great. Interesting and insightful on all aspects, it covers a range of the interest girls have, the barriers, and the underlying sexism that surrounds the sport – today as well as historically. It’s amazing! I hope that Patty Fung continues her interest in doing this kind of work or puts her effort into other projects!



thank you for your blog. this is great idea from



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