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September 14th, 2011 in Archive by 2 Comments

This fall, groundbreaking writer, actress and comedian, Tina Fey hosts The Hidden World of Girls, two new hour-long specials inspired by the NPR series heard on Morning Edition and All Things Considered. From the dunes of the Sahara to a slumber party in Manhattan, from the dancehalls of Jamaica to a racetrack in Ramallah, Tina Fey takes us around the world into the secret life of girls and the women they become.

Sound-rich, evocative, funny, and powerful–stories of coming of age, rituals and rites of passage, secret identities. Of women who crossed a line, blazed a trail, changed the tide. These specials are produced by Peabody Award-winning producers, The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva), in collaboration with NPR reporters and foreign correspondents, independent producers and listeners around the world.

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This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to share with my young daughters. I hope I will be able to view it in my area. If it is available to me, I will surely be watching!

Laura Marion


I loved it so much! I felt connected to the entire female race, and quite shocked out much a girl I really was. Thank you for doing this.



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