Just Girls

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Just Girls: The Hidden World of Patti Smith & Judy Linn

Produced by The Kitchen Sisters with Thalia Gigerenzer and Nathan Dalton
Mixed by Jim McKee

“We met through our boyfriends, Peter Barnowsky and Robert Mapplethorpe…. In the Summer of ’68, we became friends. At first Patti and I spent our afternoons drawing. When I started to photograph her, it seemed as easy as sharing colored pencils. It was simple. Patti liked being photographed…. Patti and I were friends the way children are friends. With Chirpy little voices, we daydreamed a future. I found a cassette Patti and I made in ’69. We were making a long-since lost 8mm movie in my tenement apartment in Brooklyn.”

-Judy Linn from her book of photographs, Patti Smith 1969-1976

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