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Kitchen Sisters Workshop Gift Certificates Now Available!

Purchase a gift certificate to The Kitchen Sisters Interviewing, Recording & Podcasting Workshop. All workshops will be done via Zoom at a date and time to be determined.

The workshop is designed for an array of audio projects—radio, podcasts, online stories, storytelling, oral histories, multimedia, family histories, news and video and film documentaries. As we all know, podcasts and audio are at the forefront right now. There has never been a better time to acquire and hone these skills.

The Workshop covers interviewing and miking techniques, sound gathering, use of archival audio, field recording, equipment, how to make interviewees comfortable, how to frame evocative questions that make for compelling storytelling, how to build a story and a narrative, how to use sound and music, how to research and how to listen (which is harder than it looks).

The Workshop is customized to fit the projects you’re working on. People who have attended in the past have come from radio, film, multimedia, detective agencies, newspapers, journalism, photography, oral history, historical societies, farms, high schools, colleges, music, ophthalmology, writing, libraries, archives, web design, restaurants, health care organizations, film, cheese-making and beyond. The groups are always lively and good contacts are made.

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