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Fear and Loathing at UC Santa Cruz #KeeperoftheDay

Fear and Loathing at UC Santa Cruz #KeeperoftheDay


UC Santa Cruz recently received a significant Hunter S. Thompson collection.

From UC Santa Cruz Magazine:

UC Santa Cruz Special Collections & Archives recently received an 800-volume collection of works by famed author and journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

The campus received the gift from Eric C. Shoad, who is the author of Gonzology, an extensive bibliography of Thompsons work.

Shoaf had no previous connection to the campus, but he said, “I found UC Santa Cruz to be an institution young enough to accept the collection and to appreciate it for what it represents and how it dovetails and augments the Grateful Dead archive.”

Good Times, the Santa Cruz weekly did a big old cover story about the collection. Read that here.

The ARChive of Contemporary Music #KeeperoftheDay

The ARChive of Contemporary Music #KeeperoftheDay


#KeeperoftheDay – The ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC)

ARC, a nonprofit archive/music library/research library, with the largest popular music collection in the world, is running a GoFundMe campaign to keep the collection in NYC, where they’ve been since 1985.

Our Independence is important to us. We operate without any City, State or Federal funds. We cherish the ability to work on projects of choice and free from restrictions or the dependence on governmental/taxpayer support. Our once affordable rent on White Street has skyrocketed to $21,000 a month, making it increasingly difficult for a pure research organization to survive in Lower Manhattan. Our home is in New York and we would love to stay here.

Our simple goal is to guarantee that the world’s musical heritage is preserved for future generations to study and enjoy.

A Walking Library #KeeperoftheDay

A Walking Library #KeeperoftheDay


#KeeperoftheDay for #NationalWalkingDay – A Walking Library in London, from the 1930s.

Forbes Pigment Collection #KeeperoftheDay

Forbes Pigment Collection #KeeperoftheDay


#KeeperoftheDay: The Forbes Pigment Collection

“For Edward Waldo Forbes, pigment hunting and gathering was not just a matter of creating an archive of lost or languishing color. It was about the union of art and science.”

Learn all about this intriguing collection in The New Yorker

WEB Dubois’s Data Portraits #Keeperoftheday

WEB Dubois’s Data Portraits #Keeperoftheday


#KeeperoftheDay – W.E.B. Dubois’s Data Portraits

For the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris, African American activist and sociologist W. E. B. Du Bois led the creation of over 60 charts, graphs, and maps that visualized data on the state of black life. The hand-drawn illustrations were part of an “Exhibit of American Negroes,” which Du Bois, in collaboration with Thomas J. Calloway and Booker T. Washington, organized to represent black contributions to the United States at the world’s fair.

Read and see more of these beautiful illustrations on Hyperallergic.






The Tougaloo Nine #KeeperoftheDay

The Tougaloo Nine #KeeperoftheDay


On March 27, 1961, nine students from Tougaloo College in Mississippi entered the segregated main branch of the Jackson Public Library and began to read. Library staff quickly called the police and after refusing to leave, all nine students were all arrested and charged with breach of peace.

Read more about these courageous civil rights visionaries and their historic “read-in” here.

Open Culture #KeeperoftheDay

Open Culture #KeeperoftheDay


#KeeperoftheDay – Open Culture, home of “the best free cultural & educational media on the web.” Get educated at

Lawrence Ferlinghetti at 100 #KeeperoftheDay

Lawrence Ferlinghetti at 100 #KeeperoftheDay


Happy 100th birthday to Lawrence Ferlinghetti!


City Lights Books Pocket Poets Series #KeeperoftheDay

City Lights Books Pocket Poets Series #KeeperoftheDay


#KeeperoftheDay for #WorldPoetryDay – City Lights Books Pocket Poets Series, launched by Lawrence Ferlinghetti in 1955.

Number 4 in the series was Allen Ginsberg’s Howl & Other Poems, which landed Ferlinghetti in a heap of trouble. He was arrested, charged with disseminating obscene literature. The subsequent well-publicized trial and acquittal of Ferlinghetti “established City Lights as a major alternative press for the most innovative American and international poetry.”

We are lucky to have City Lights just up the street from our production offices. The bookstore is a never-ending source of inspiration for our work. (See here and here for just two examples).

SF Public Works (An Olive Tree for Lawrence) #KeeperoftheDay

SF Public Works (An Olive Tree for Lawrence) #KeeperoftheDay


Earlier this week, the San Francisco Public Works’s Bureau of Urban Forestry honored poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti with their annual signature tree. Lawrence, who turns 100 on March 24, is being feted all over town. We were delighted to be there for the tree-planting ceremony and to sprinkle some fresh soil (with a gold-plated shovel) onto the luscious olive tree’s root. The tree is just across the street from Via Ferlinghetti in North Beach. On the sunny side of the street, of course. Pay it a visit when you’re next in town.

Listen to the speech from Carla Short, Superintendent of the Bureau of Urban Forestry, at the ceremony.

Happy birthday, Lawrence!