Fugitive Waves

New episode of Fugitive Waves – Eel Pie Island

The Kitchen Sisters take us to a little-known, hidden corner of London — to Eel Pie Island, a tiny slice of land in the middle of the Thames. Now a small bohemian community of artists, inventors, river gypsies and boat builders, on the edge of Twickenham, Eel Pie Island has a flamboyant history that stretches from Henry VIII to The Rolling Stones.

Eel Pie Island is produced by The Kitchen Sisters with Nathan Dalton, mixed by Jim McKee / The Hidden World of Kate McGarrigle, produced by the Kitchen Sisters

Fugitive Waves is produced by The Kitchen Sisters in collaboration with Tom Corwin

The Guardian on Fugitive Waves

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The Guardian Observer
“If you want evidence that not all the world is bad, then may I suggest Radiotopia. Launched last week, it’s a website that collects seven amazing US podcasts all in one place, including 99% Invisible and Love+Radio, which I’ve recommended before. I haven’t even had time to listen to them all yet – bye bye weekend – but did check out Fugitive Waves, a podcast made by Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva, aka the Kitchen Sisters. The Sisters are longtime radioheads with a vast recording archive, and this podcast – ‘stories from the flip side of history’ – marries music, audio fragments, interviews and narration to make warmer sounding, more offbeat documentaries. I listened to Edison – about Thomas Edison – and learned a lot about the godfather of recorded sound, mostly that he was majorly obstreperous. Fab.” #fugitivewaves
The Observer

Kitchen Sisters + Radiotopia

Today, we join an esteemed and eccentric group of producers in launching Radiotopia from PRX. Radiotopia is a gathering of the best story-driven, creative, cutting-edge radio shows on earth — shows like 99% Invisible, The Truth, Strangers, Theory of Everything, Love and Radio, Radio Diaries and our new project, Fugitive Waves. Producers Roman Mars, Jonathan Mitchell, Lea Thau, Benjamin Walker, Nick van der Kolk, Joe Richman and The Kitchen Sisters have banded together with PRX to create this new experiment in storytelling.

Fugitive Waves — Lost recordings and shards of sound, along with new tales of remarkable people from around the world. Stories from the flip side of history. To kick things off, we’re mining the archive. Here’s a story from our Lost & Found Sound series, an epic collaboration we produced with Jay Allison, NPR and thousands of listeners around the nation — The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise of Thomas Alva Edison.

Radiotopia from PRX is made possible with support from the Knight Foundation, and our launch sponsor, MailChimp, who celebrate creativity, chaos, and teamwork. It’s so rare to see someone celebrate chaos. Chaos, creativity and teamwork. Sounds like The Kitchen Sisters.