We call it The Kitchen Sisterhood
, a new aspect of The Kitchen Sisters Productions. We see it is as a way for women who are doing remarkable things, who nurture their families and their communities, and who support the work we do, to come together and know about each other's projects, passions, and concerns.
We hear about so many wonderful social efforts and artistic projects across the nation and around the world and we want you to know about each other — what you are doing and how hard you're working. We want to share this information with the wide audience we have and feature your ideas and works on our site.

We see this as a communal place with collaborative possibilities
a place to sound
the alarm, to show your art, to say what matters and what should be done about it.

This is a new idea, one that we're developing in 2007. We're not sure where it is going but our instinct tells us it will be of value and that we can all take it somewhere interesting. It is also a preamble to the new series we are developing, "The Secret Life of Girls Around the World."

If you'd like to know more, how to join — how to contribute to The Sisterhood, send us an » email. We look forward to spreading the word about your visions and concerns in the coming year, on our site and on our air.

Davia & Nikki
Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva
The Kitchen Sisters

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