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Theaster Gates #KeeperoftheDay

Theaster Gates #KeeperoftheDay


The Archive House, The Listening House, The Stony Island Arts Bank, The Dorchester Projects…

Theaster Gates is a keeper of Greater Grand Crossing, his neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. He first encountered creativity in the music of Black churches on his journey to becoming an urban planner, potter, and artist. Gates creates sculptures with clay, tar, and renovated buildings, transforming the raw material of urban neighborhoods into radically reimagined vessels of opportunity for and of the community. Gates resurrects old dilapidated neighborhood buildings, transforming them into living archives, institutes of music, culture, film and gathering, preserving and renewing neighborhoods that have been ignored, overlooked and underserved. The proceeds of these unusual, imaginative endeavors are used to finance the rehabilitation of entire city blocks and the communities that inhabit them.

Listen to the latest from The Kitchen Sisters Present… Theaster Gates: Keeping the South Side.

This story was produced by Alyia Renee Yates in collaboration with The Kitchen Sisters.