On #GivingTuesday | Martin Scorsese: Try Anything | We Give You our Latest Podcast


Dear All,

Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Goodfellas… to name but a few. The films of Martin Scorsese are astounding. As are his efforts to preserve the history and heritage of American cinema and through his trailblazing Film Foundation, nearing its 30th year.

Martin Scorsese is a keeper, a steward of American and global cinema. One of our heroes and inspirations. The sound mix of Raging Bull had a big impact on the kind of mixes we thought were possible for our fledgling Kitchen Sisters stories. And his soundtracks! The way the man weaves music into his stories. Or doesn’t weave it. Just shocks you with it. Or soothes you with it. His scores and soundtracks are like no others.

And then there are his documentaries. His non-fiction films, starting with Italianamerican, a portrait of his own family, The Last Waltz, his ode to George Harrison, Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue, and our own personal favorite, My Voyage to Italy.

Earlier this month the San Francisco Film Society invited Mr. Scorsese here to honor his non-fiction film work. We were so taken by his onstage conversation that we asked for a copy of the recording so we could make a podcast of it for you.

Deep thanks to The San Francisco Film Society for sharing this tape with us. And even deeper thanks to you for your support, for giving us the power to bring you stories from around the world about people keeping our cultural heritage alive and vibrant.

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