April, 2018
Bowling with Grace: The 3rd Annual Kitchen Sisters Bowling Party & Fundraiser

Bowling with Grace: The 3rd Annual Kitchen Sisters Bowling Party & Fundraiser


Amazing Grace Mulloy returns to San Francisco for the Third Annual Kitchen Sisters Bowling Party, Fundraiser & Keepers NPR Launch Celebration.

As you know, Grace is one rough tough cream puff, who brings the wisdom of the ages to the alley to help up your game and ours. Grace, who turns 95 this year has won most every bowling trophy there is in Santa Maria, California. Legally blind, she’s a life-long bowler with a lot of tricks up her sleeve and is currently in two leagues. Last week she bowled twice and scored 199 in one of the games.

The only thing Grace likes more than bowling is her granddaughter, Brandi (who works with The Kitchen Sisters) and public radio.

This year’s Bowling Extravaganza is also a launch party for The Kitchen Sisters new NPR Morning Edition series, The Keepers — stories of activist archivists, rogue librarians, curators, collectors and historians — keepers of the culture and the cultures and collections they keep.  The series starts airing in June so we’ll do a sneak peak and celebrate.

Come bowl or just come hang. Drinks, music and food will flow. All lanes will be ours and all proceeds will go to supporting the stories in The Keepers, our internship & mentoring program and our Webby Award-winning Podcast, The Kitchen Sisters Present…

Come join a sparkling array of Bowling Celebrities—Alice Waters, Cecilia Chiang, Rebecca Solnit, Michael Pollan, Judith Belzer, Wendy MacNaughton, Armistead Maupin, Ayelet Waldman, Amy Tan—along with Nikki and Davia and a ton of your community for a night of bowling with Grace as she shares her methods and secrets.

Come for the schmooze or come for the shoes.

$175. Includes food, drinks and all the bowling you can stand.

Get your tickets now through Eventbrite.

If you can’t come bowl with Grace but still want to support the work of The Kitchen Sisters, you can:

We thank you all for your stories and support.

Thursday June 7, 6-10 pm
Mission Bowling Club
3176 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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Ep #91 – Mimi Chakarova: Love, Art and Anger

Ep #91 – Mimi Chakarova: Love, Art and Anger

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Mimi Chakarova is a Bulgarian-American filmmaker, photographer, journalism professor, activist, immigrant and single mother. Her documentary “Men a Love Story” premiered at the Telluride Film Festival in 2017 where Davia Nelson of The Kitchen Sisters interviewed her on stage.

How can you not be mesmerized by a woman who makes a film called “The Price of Sex,” about women throughout Eastern Europe who are pushed into prostitution and who goes underground into that world herself to document the story. “I didn’t intend to spend more than a year covering human trafficking,” says Mimi. It ended up taking a decade. “I didn’t intend on reporting in more than two countries,” she says. “So, how did I end up in nine?”

Mimi said, “Before my trips my mom used to ask, ‘It took us so many years to get out of poverty, why do you keep returning there?’ I would sit in her kitchen and the only answer that would come to mind was, it was so damn familiar.”

Now Mimi has a new series of documentaries, “Still I Rise,” premiering online Friday, April 27th at “Still I Rise” is a short film series whose title pays homage to Maya Angelou’s famous poem. It features individuals who’ve journeyed from the depths of hardship and struggle and have come out the other side. As an immigrant herself Mimi creates a platform where other immigrants can tell their own stories and show how even in the face of adversity they fight to rise.

Ep #90 – Jorge Amado: The Ballad of Bahia

Ep #90 – Jorge Amado: The Ballad of Bahia

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Jorge Amado, the beloved Brazilian author of Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon, Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, Tent of Miracles – wrote over 30 books in his lifetime. His works have been translated into 49 languages and adapted for film, television, and theater.

In 1984, The Kitchen Sisters interviewed Jorge Amado, his wife Zelia Gattai, Brazilian composer and singer Dorival Caymmi, and singer and activist Harry Belafonte as part of the NPR series “Faces Mirrors Masks – 20th Century Latin American Fiction.” The Ballad of Bahia explores the life and writings of the author through interviews, music and readings and dramatizations of his work.