Black Cake: Emily Dickinson’s Hidden Kitchen on NPR’s Morning Edition


A journey into the hidden world of Emily Dickinson — through her kitchen.

Special thanks to: Emilie Hardman, Emily Walhout and Heather Cole from the Houghton Library, Harvard University; Brenda Hillman, poet and Professor of Creative Writing at St. Mary’s College; Jean McClure Mudge writer and filmmaker; Christopher Benfey, writer and Professor of English, Mount Holyoke College; Elaine Hardman who led us to this story; and Zoe Kurland. The readings heard are by: Julie Harris, Mary Jo Salter, and Patti Smith.

Black Cake: Emily Dickinson’s Hidden Kitchen was produced by The Kitchen Sisters (Nikki Silva & Davia Nelson) in collaboration with Brandi Howell & Nathan Dalton. Mixed by Jim McKee.

Here’s Emily’s Recipe for Black Cake. We dare you to make it. Serves your entire community.


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