Kitchen Sisters Trifecta: James Beard/TED/NEH


Dear Friends,

A few pieces of good news that we would like to share with The Kitchen Sisterhood.

1) Our series Hidden Kitchens on NPR’s Morning Edition received a James Beard Award nomination! Thanks to all who collaborated with us on this latest season.

2) Also, on the Hidden Kitchens front, we just received word that The Kitchen Sisters have been given an NEH Matching Grant for a new round of global kitchen stories on Morning Edition. We call this upcoming season Kimchi Diplomacy: Stories of War and Peace and Food. Read about all the new NEH grantees here.

3) Last week we traveled to Vancouver and did a TED Talk, Kitchen Sister-style, as part of Pop-Up Magazine live at TED. The video will be up on soon and we’ll send the link as soon as it rolls.

All this is possible thanks to you, our friends, family and community. It’s your support and collaboration that makes things shake around here.

Sweet Spring,
Davia & Nikki

P.S. The Kitchen Sisters and a hunk of the mighty podcast collective known as Radiotopia (from PRX) are coming to the Boston area next week. We hope you’ll come join us.

Thursday, April 2A Night of Radiotopia with Roman Mars (99% Invisible), Benjamen Walker (Theory of Everything), Lea Thau (Strangers) and The Kitchen Sisters (Fugitive Waves) at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University, 7:00-9:00. Details here: (PDF)

Oh, and if you’re in England this summer, come join us at the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery July 3-5, 2015 at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford.

And with that NEH Matching Grant staring us down, we appreciate your contribution, now more than ever. Support the stories!