Introducing Musical Mondays, featuring DRMS!

Dear friends,

Mondays don’t have the best reputation. In the blink of an eye, the weekend’s joys have disintegrated like an antacid on your tongue, you wake up grumpy and slurp your coffee with vengeance; the Sisyphean grind resumes. But here at Kitchen Sisters HQ in San Francisco, we hope to bring a little cheer to your Monday morning with our new Musical Monday blog post. In keeping with our series the Hidden World of Girls, each week our intern Max (Davia is really pushing for ‘Sister Max’) Savage Levenson will cover an outstanding female musician from the Bay Area.

We kick things off with DRMS, a band from Oakland that describes their music as “if David Lynch curated a band with Billie Holiday.” On standout track “Night Forest,” vocalists Emily Ritz and Carly Bond lure you in with their beautiful harmonies and intricate melodies, while just below the surface a vibraphone and keyboards perfectly evoke the mysteries of the woods at nighttime.

You can catch DRMS this Friday at the brand-new Leo’s Music Club in Oakland as they celebrate the release of their new single.