September, 2014
Introducing Musical Mondays, featuring DRMS!

Introducing Musical Mondays, featuring DRMS!

Dear friends,

Mondays don’t have the best reputation. In the blink of an eye, the weekend’s joys have disintegrated like an antacid on your tongue, you wake up grumpy and slurp your coffee with vengeance; the Sisyphean grind resumes. But here at Kitchen Sisters HQ in San Francisco, we hope to bring a little cheer to your Monday morning with our new Musical Monday blog post. In keeping with our series the Hidden World of Girls, each week our intern Max (Davia is really pushing for ‘Sister Max’) Savage Levenson will cover an outstanding female musician from the Bay Area.

We kick things off with DRMS, a band from Oakland that describes their music as “if David Lynch curated a band with Billie Holiday.” On standout track “Night Forest,” vocalists Emily Ritz and Carly Bond lure you in with their beautiful harmonies and intricate melodies, while just below the surface a vibraphone and keyboards perfectly evoke the mysteries of the woods at nighttime.

You can catch DRMS this Friday at the brand-new Leo’s Music Club in Oakland as they celebrate the release of their new single.

Coming to London!

Coming to London!

See you there,


The Hidden World of Patti Smith / Fugitive Waves Episode 7

The Hidden World of Patti Smith / Fugitive Waves Episode 7


Just about anytime we walk out of The Kitchen Sisters office in San Francisco we stop and stare in the windows of City Lights bookstore, soaking in the covers of the new arrivals. Awhile back, we were stopped in our tracks by a book of photographs of Patti Smith – Patti staring down the camera, holding a movie camera herself. It turns out Patti wasn’t just the muse of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in the Sixties, she was also muse and model for Judy Linn, an art student and budding photographer in New York.

Paging through Patti Smith 1969-1976, we discovered Judy had that no only photographed Patti, she had made a little super-8 movies too, as the two young women created a world together. The movies were missing, but the soundtracks remained. Lost and found sound, we thought. Got to hear those recordings, got to meet that photographer. And we did. Fugitive Waves, Episode Number 7: Just Girls: The Hidden World of Patti Smith and Judy Linn.

LongHouse Food Revival 2014

LongHouse Food Revival 2014

One of the food writers The Kitchen Sisters admire most is Molly O’Neill, whose book One Big Table is an inspiration for our work.  We are honored to be part of her LongHouse Food Revival and hope you can join us!

Register (via the red “Register Now” button OR through Eventbrite):

Eventbrite - LongHouse Food Revival 2014, Oink Vs. Moo: Midwest Food Stories

This annual gathering is the Woodstock of food—an intense, weekend symposium designed to raise the bar on how food stories are told and to connect generations of food-inspired artists, writers, web producers, documentary filmmakers, and broadcasters. Every year, LongHouse focuses on a single story to create a multi-media Pop-Up Food Magazine that allows participants to experience state-of-the-art food stories in short, documentary films, live interviews, photography, music, radio broadcast, spoken word, fine art, web-based mapping, and hands-on cooking.

LongHouse 2014 delves into the intersection of culture and agriculture in the American Midwest with a series of unexpected stories, presentations, and performances.





Full LongHouse Revival Weekend: $300

Live Fire Feast Only: $120

Live Fire Feast and Food Flea: $135

Food Flea Only: $25 (includes breakfast)