The Making Of…The Digital El Camino Real

Mission Dolores, San Francisco, established 1776 on El Camino Real.

Mission Dolores, San Francisco, established 1776 on El Camino Real.” credit=


Traverse the 600-mile trail that connects California’s 21 missions. Peer behind an ornate mission altarpiece that, for more than two centuries, has hidden murals painted by the Ohlone Indians. Uncover the mysteries of Mission Dolores’ ancient cemetery.

As part of our Making Of… radio series on KQED we take a look at what CyArk in making. CyArk is a non-profit digital scanning company based in Oakland, is creating the digital El Camino Real, documenting some of the oldest buildings and historic sites in California.


Like Interstate 101
“Some people think the Camino Real means the Royal Road of Jesus in California,” says Andrew Galvan, curator of Mission Dolores, San Francisco. “No. It was the King’s Highway, the King of Spain’s highway.”

Mission Dolores, founded in 1776, is the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco and one of the first sites along the historic El Camino Real to be scanned and documented by CyArk.

“If you step out the front door of Mission Dolores you are on the El Camino Real,“ says Andrew. “It was a public road, like Interstate 101. All the California Missions are connected. Wherever you got on it, the road led you to the Viceroy’s Palace in Mexico City.” Read more…

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